Integration of international migrants

The integration of international migrants (i.e. people who came voluntarily to Germany or have left their homeland due to political persecution, war, life-threatening emergencies, etc.) into the local labour markets represents a great opportunity, but also a great challenge for companies and society.

Despite the increasing importance of international migration, there is very little research on this topic. In particular, there is a lack of studies on the individual, organisational and social factors influencing the integration success of international migrants.

Our research objective is therefore to analyse the role of HRM activities and intercultural competences for the integration of international migrants. For more information on the project, please click here.

To test the influence of HRM activities and intercultural competences on integration success, we are currently conducting a pilot study in Germany. Further countries are to follow.

The survey is currently available in six different languages (English, German, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, Polish) and can be accessed here:

Contact: Prof. Dr. Sven Hauff ( and Prof. Dr. Nicole F. Richter (


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