Chair of Human Resource Management

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Barbara Sieben

This chair is specialized in research about work, human resource, and the organization; it is rooted in the social sciences, interdisciplinary and internationally oriented. Its output is theoretically and methodically multiparadigmatic embedded in the philosophy of critical management research. These critical and politically-oriented approaches, draw attention to organizations with a plurality of interest and hegemonic structures, in which individual and collective actors seek to assert their interests, as well as discourses and discursive practices. Within this framework "Personnel", Human Resource strategies and personnel structures are byproducts taking recourse from social structures. Interests and resources of the stakeholders, conflicts and power effects of management practices are just as central categories of analysis, such as the efficiency and effectiveness of practices and concepts of human resource management.

 We focus on features of work and working conditions (e.g. emotion work, service work), with personnel policies and practices (e.g. professional and managerial binding, employment of persons with a migrant background, age management) and with processes and structures of the organization in their context of social phenomena and institutions (e.g., worker participation, staff diversity / Diversity and Equal Opportunities).

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