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Dorian Boncoeur, M.A.



Becoming Ethnic; an empirical study of the coloniality of race in the discourse and perception of corporate diversity management (laufend seit Dezember 2013)

The workplace has been largely studied in the critical literature as an arena where power
differentials are witnessed and disputed, with diversity management at its forefront (e.g.
Boogaard & Roggeband, 2009; Kalonaityte, 2009; Prasad, 2003; Swan, 2009; Zanoni, et al.,
2009). Assuming that diversity is a discourse, socially constructed and embedded in power
relations (Cf. Zanoni, et al., 2009), workplace heterogeneity is then structured along the lines
of difference and inequality between the privileged and disadvantaged groups. Since
organizational processes are not race neutral (Cox and Nkomo, 2009; Nkomo, 1992),
analyzing workplace diversity management can be highly revealing as to how this local form
of racial differentiation, influenced by larger societal categories (Collien & Süßmair, 2011), is
performed and perceived within a corporate setting. It is in that light that this research wants
to understand the discursive production and framing of racial identities within the German
workplace; the process which results in dynamic categories via a discourse strongly relying
on visuals. The thesis’ purpose is to investigate the conflicts that occur in the tension between
diversity management discourse and practices.


  • Diversity in organizations and racial workplace (in)equality
  • Postcolonial and Decolonial research
  • Workplace resistance and dissidence
  • Race representation and visual discourse



  • Boncoeur, D. (2010). Identité et représentations afro-allemande. Saarbrücken: Editions Universitaires Européenes.



  • ‚Becoming ethnic‘: An empirical study of the coloniality of race in the discourse of diversity management, Herbstworkshop der WK Personalwesen im VHB, September 2014, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz.

  • Maintaining the centre and renaming the edge: An empirical reading of diversity management as a form of symbolic violence (mit I. Collien, HCU Hamburg und FU Berlin), Jahrestagung
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