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Coachings and their Proposal have gained a lot of popularity in organisations within the past years. In the field different concepts and methodical appendage were developed. Contrary to the brisk discussion about who and how should be coached, the focus of the coaching, e.g. what needs to be coached, is insufficiently argued in Europe. Furthermore a way to identify the coaching needs of the clients is unsatisfactory respectivly not discussed. Regarding the outcome and the effectiveness of a coaching the last point is astonishing, because both aspects depend on the necessities of the clients.

Research findings showed a difference between focusing only the client or if the surroundings are included. To identify the strenght and weakness of a client his/ her surrounding adds important information (in summary: Scherm & Sarges, 2002). A multiperspective approach is indispensable if you want to find out the accurate demands of the client.

An established method is the so called "360°-Feedback". The client estimates his/ her competencies, e.g. decision making, conflict management or the learning aptitude, on a scale which form his/ her self-perception. The estimates of the subordinates, superior and co-workers constitute the external-perception. By comparing both perceptions the needs for coaching and different developement fields can be recognized (Competence Feedback). Furthermore the progression of the clients competencies are observable due to different measuring times.

Schemazeichnung: 360-Grad-Feedback

A client with serious differences between his/ her self-perception and the external-perception is willing to minimize these differences.

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