Military Leaderschip Coaching

The transformation of the German Armed Forces goes along with new and increased requirements. Military leaders have to deal with complex tasks and have to adapt to rapidly changing situations, structures, and circumstances. Consequently, leadership skills that are based on the principles of civic education are vital. A military leader has to be able to know and evaluate his/her own behavioral and leadership competencies.

To support the development of these skills, the Bundeswehr’s Zentrum Innere Führung (Center for Leadership Development and Civic Education) and the Research Group Leadership Guidance of the Helmut-Schmidt-University (University of the German Armed Forces Hamburg) established the concept of Military Leadership Coaching (Führungsbegleitung in militärischen Organisationen). Therefore, the Military Coaching combines the focus on military issues and contexts and the idea of counseling and guidance.

The Research Group Leadership Guidance at the Helmut-Schmidt-University is in charge of the evaluation and the longterm quality management of the coaching. Based on the results of organizational and industrial psychology, feedback instruments are developed to collect and control the effects of the intervention. In order to do this, quantitative and qualitative approaches are combined.

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