Dr. Ali Teymoori

Dr. Ali Teymoori
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Postfach 700822
22008 Hamburg

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(040) 6541-3533
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Holstenhofweg 85
22043 Hamburg

Gebäude H1, 2319
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Research Interest:

My research interests are the process of personal and collective identity formation and the intra- and inter-group processes. Currently I am working on the group conflict, politicized identity, the impact of social context on intergroup relations, and conflict resolution.


Seit Oktober 2019 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl für Sozialpsychologie der Helmut-Schmidt-Universität, Hamburg
2018-2019 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der Universität Göttingen in der medizinischen Psychologie
2017-2018 Studium an der KU Leuven, Belgien, MA in Philosophie
2016-2017 Postdoktorand an der Universität Bordeaux in Gesundheitswesen
2012-2016 PhD an der Universität Queensland in Sozialpsychologie

Related publications:
Teymoori, A., Bastian, B., & Jetten, J. (2017). Towards a psychological analysis of anomie. Political Psychology, 38(6), 1009-1023.
Teymoori, A., Jetten, J., Bastian, B., Ariyanto, A., Autin, F., Ayub, N. ... & Wohl, M. (2016). Revisiting the measurement of anomie. PloS One, 11(7), 1-27: e0158370.
Teymoori, A., Heydari, A., & Nasiri, H. (2014). Relationship between dimensions of religiosity, authoritarianism, and moral authority. Social Compass, 61(1) 92 –107.
Heydari, A., Teymoori, A., & Nasiri, H. (2015). The effect of parent and peer attachment on suicidality: The mediation effect of self-control and anomie. Community Mental Health Journal, 51(3), 359-364.

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