Abstracts Master's Thesis 2014

Gianna Cordaro: Decentralized government participation in the Federal Ministry of Defence in the case Heeresinstandsetzungslogistik GmbH

This paper highlights the decentralized government participation control in the Federal Ministry of Defense in the case of the Heeresinstandsetzungslogistik GmbH. Privatization projects have become one of the main administrative instruments of the Federal Government in recent decades. This trend does not exclude the defense sector. Consequently, this paper is targeted on analyzing governmental interests, leadership and control instruments applied in this approach.

This analysis uses an empirical research design based on a guided interview as well as on the results of the written survey conducted with the employees in the relevant department (AIN III 1).
The findings of this paper lead to the conclusion, that currently
decentralized government participation is calling solely upon operative controlling methods based mainly on formal and informal reporting systems.


Alexander Dumler: Between social responsibility and economic profit - an empirical study on the example of Deutsche Bank AG

English abstract will be available soon.


Patrick Grebe: The Relevance of User Review Rankings for the Catering Trade Exemplified by a Study on TripAdvisor – Ranking Management and its Influence on the Performance of Culinary Establishments

This elaboration deals with the topic of rankings, especially with The Relevance of User Review Rankings for the Catering Trade Exemplified by a Study on TripAdvisor. Basically, this term paper is rest upon two subareas, a literary overview, including a theoretical conceptualization of the topic and an empirical part, evaluating two case studies and moreover some own investigations were carried out. The processing of the appropriate literature on the relevant field of study has shown that rankings at least push on the part of evaluated institutions with little acceptance. In addition, they affect the behavior of the relevant actors and self-fulfilling prophecies become apparent because of the evaluative pressure. The own empirical studies and in particular the conducted interview have confirmed the findings of the theoretical chapter.


Alexander Kühn: Is there a negative influence of New Institutional Theory on Management Decisions?

This text can be assigned to the Critical Accounting and tries to answer the following question: "Is there a negative influence of the theories of New Institutional Economics (NIE) on management decisions? . First, the concept decision is defined and the theories of NIE presented, explained and criticized. In the second part, three interviews conducted with the storytelling method to businessmen are analyzed, followed by a comparison between the NIE theories and the knowledge gained from the practice. The result shows that the criticism found in the literature against the NIE is almost shared by the interviewees in a similar way.


Lars Lippky: Application of Management Control in professional football clubs 

The investigation should show whether controlling is used in professional football clubs and what measures will be used. For this, the Football Clubs of the 1st and 2nd German „Bundesliga“ were surveyed by questionnaire. It has been shown that, above all, the Clubs of the 1st „Bundesliga“ have understood the importance of controlling and use a variety of resources and measures to control the business processes and optimize them. As well the investigation has shown that significant development potential in terms of the use and extent of controlling systems consist. Especially the clubs of the 2nd „Bundesliga“ has shown a few deficits in this investigation. The tendencies show, however, the Clubs have to reinforce with this issue to deal and respond the incoming environmental changes in the future.


Madeline Menz: Composition and Evaluation Methods of University Rankings

In the present work the issue of university rankings is especially treated by their structure and the method. The focus is on answering three aspects. On the one hand the structure of university rankings but should also be analyzed their evaluation methodology. Secondly the question of possible effects weighs very high. A final important point are alternatives to university rankings. Accordingly three meaningful university rankings were used in the investigation - ARWU, THE ranking and CHE ranking as the Handelsblatt ranking. From this and equally from the interviews resulted in short the following results: 1. All high school rankings are similar and relate equally identical criteria for evaluation, 2. effect can not be open for the individual universities only suspect. What is certain, is that smaller universities are disadvantaged and 3. alternatives can enumerate some indicators such as for example Balanced Scorecard. In addition, the desire for a uniform valuation model is desirable.


Gerd Migeod: Innovation Controlling in the construction and real estate industry

The focus of this Master-Thesis is on the question, if innovation controlling is applied in construction and real estate industry. First, there is going to be a summary of current literature concerning this topic. After that, interviews with two experts of the company NCC Deutschland GmbH will be analyzed. The definition of innovation controlling does not exist without some terms, such as innovation process or innovation system. These aspects are not used by the company in practice. Nevertheless, there is an application of innovation controlling at NCC Deutschland GmbH in practical purposes, but in combination with general controlling. In fact, innovation controlling is an integrated element of the generic controlling department.


Anna Niering: Risk management in the context of major events based on a comparison between the “Loveparade 2010” and “StillLeben Ruhrschnellweg A40"

The thesis „Risk management in the context of major eventsbased on a comparison between the “Loveparade 2010” and “StillLeben Ruhrschnellweg A40” deals with risk management and risk controlling comparing the two events. The study focuses on political developments, chosen terrain as well as exception handling and planning difficulties. As a result it becomes clear why the event “StillLeben” was a big success and the “Loveparade 2010” became a disaster. One of the main sources is an interview with Mr. Ralph Kindl, one of the most famous experts on the subject. The conclusion is that a general statement is not possible but adhering to some rules is indeed helpful in order to prevent a disaster. The main differences lay in time management, general approach and dealings with the authorities. The organizer of the “StillLeben” did not compromise, took enough time in advance, rehearsed in detail and made everything transparent to everybody.


Erik Pradelt: Hospital performance and monitoring procedures- An empirical study from medical point of view

English abstract will be available soon.


Stephan Sollwedel: Risk Management of the Police Department Hamburg

The security paradigm crucially shapes governing in modern Western Democracies. Disputatious is if rights should be repealed for their own protection. In this context Dangerous Areas in Hamburg have been discussed strongly. The present paper recognizes them as an instrument of Risk Management by the police and investigates how interactions between operational and reputational risks can be explained there. The Permanent State of Exception described by Giorgio Agamben is the academic point of reference while overall an empirical research design was chosen which has been focused on a Deep Participation at the police station responsible for the Dangerous Area St. Georg. Based on a qualitative analysis of the findings Dangerous Areas have been identified as an action and also a field of action for Risk Management by the Police. Furthermore various complex risk correlations have been illuminated.


Sebastian Broll: The owner-entrepreneur in small and medium sized enterprises from social contructivist perspective and consequences for strategic management

English abstract will be available soon.

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