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Publikationen Christian Huber

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Iloga Balep, N. & Huber, C. (2018) Quantification times 16: When decentralization stands in the way of markets. Risk & Regulation, Summer 2017. http://www.lse.ac.uk/accounting/CARR/pdf/Risk&Regulation/r&r-34/171215-risk&regulation-05.pdf

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Book Reviews

Huber, C. & Klein, V. (2016) Crisis, critique and alternatives: revolutionary politics as the lost substance of the left? Review of Memos, C. (2014) Castoriadis and Critical Theory: Crisis, Critique and Radical Alternatives. Ephemera. http://www.ephemerajournal.org/contribution/crisis-critique-and-alternatives-revolutionary-politics-lost-substance-left

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Huber, C. (2013) Book Review: The Illusions of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order, Organization Studies, 33(11), 1641-1644.


Huber, C. & Junne, B. (2013) Neue Entwicklungen im Risikomanagement. Controlling & Management Review, 5/2013, 64-67.


Huber, C. (2018) 2008 - First Winner Best Paper Award, in: 40 Years of EAIR Anniversary Book, p. 46.

Huber, C. (2013) Mapa Rizika (e. Risk map), in: Leksikon ekonomske diplomatije i medunarodnog poslovanja, Beograd: Institut za ekonomsku diplomatiju, S. 232-233. (auf Serbisch)

Huber, C. (2013) Nefinansijski risici (e. Non-financial risks), in: Leksikon ekonomske diplomatije i medunarodnog poslovanja, Beograd: Institut za ekonomsku diplomatiju, S. 302-303. (auf Serbisch)

Regulatory Roulette: Ladies and Gentlemen, please place your bets…  (with K. Soin) Blogpost @ management ink. https://managementink.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/regulatory-roulette-ladies-and-gentlemen-please-place-your-bets/

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