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Interdisciplinary Workhop 2020 on Predictive Governance

Together with PD Dr. Sigrid Hartong and Annina Förschler from the Department of Educational Sciences, the ICU organized a workshop entitled "Predictive Governance - Towards Transdisciplinary Perspectives" on 7/8 February 2020.

27 researchers from Germany, Denmark, Austria, Great Britain, Australia and the USA were guests at the Helmut Schmidt University and talked about their current research on predictive governance technologies in various social fields. Special focus was placed on control in the sectors "Education", "Smart Cities" and "Healthcare".

The two-day workshop (link to the workshop program) included a session on each of these public sectors, in which current and planned research projects on the following topics were presented and discussed: Datafication and early detection systems in the educational sector, social credit systems, online assessment portals, open source sensor technology, medical diagnostics and the establishment of expertise on algorithms in the public sector.

As a result of the workshop, it could be concluded that various tensions can be predicted which will further shape the practical and theoretical work on predictive governance in the coming years, including comprehensive uncertainty vs. authority of predictions by algorithms; artificial intelligence vs. artificial "stupidity"; reproduction vs. production of something new; democratization and inclusion vs. discrimination, or government by algorithms vs. regulation of algorithms.

We thank our engaged guests for their inspiring and thought provoking inputs - and predict that it will not be the last time we have met!

We also thank the Academy of Sciences in Hamburg for the generous support of the workshop! Link to the announcement of the Academy of Sciences in Hamburg

The conference is located in the interdisciplinary research cluster OPAL of the Helmut Schmidt University, whose thematic focus also includes the area "Digitization and Algorithmization".

We dare to prodect that the work on the topic and the expansion of the network will be continued in the future (link to the Predictive Govnernance-Project on Researchgate).

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