Research stay at the University of Sydney

Dr. Christian Huber will follow the invitation of the University of Sydney and stay from in Australia 5th Feb to 13th Mar for a research visit. During his stay he will participate in the ASOP workshop (Accounting as a Social and Organizational Practice) on 15th and 16th Feb and present a paper co-authored with Lichen Yu, PhD, University of Sydney, titled "Modes of constitution: an essay on accounting performativity". He will also present a papr at the Brown Bag Seminar of the  Discipline of Accounting, University Sydney. The paper, co-authored with Nathalie Iloga Balep is titled "Quantifying the'in-between' of prisons using indicators: The tension between security and resocialization through the lens of liminality". For the duration of his stay, Dr. Huber can only be reached via e-mail.

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