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Welcome to the Helmut-Schmidt-University

You want to study in a fast and effektiv way? Everything at on place? Get part of the Helmut-Schmidt-University!

The Helmut-Schmidt-University is a federal institution located in the north of Germany in Hamburg. Our university is a cmapus university which uses a different teaching system compared to other universities in Germany. We teach our students in a structure of Trimester which means our students achieve their Bachelor degree in 2 1/4 years and their master degree in 1 3/4 years. The benefit of this structure is that students educated at the HSU are ready for the economy, companys, military and federal services in a quiet faster time than regular students.

This website hosts informations for students who want to study as international students in Germany until they reach an acdemic degree at the HSU. If you want to study for a Trimester at the HSU please contact the International Office at the HSU.

There are also opputnities for companies by enaging are partnership with the HSU, which could profit from the offers we are able to make. We have plenty of possibilities in which you are able to participated, e.g. to train your future staff by an acdemic education in a quite fast time, to develope your workers by training them with our programms at the Center for Academic Qualification (ZWW) or by cooperating in R&D projects with us.

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